(The Executive) Luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limo
The Ultimate Limo comes fully equipped to meet your needs and is designed with comfort, luxury, and style in mind. Perfect for remaining productive while on the road, entertaining business clients, celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a special night out! The Ultimate Limo is the classiest and most comfortable limo on the market. Upgrades and custom features included in a luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limo conversion: - **Entertainment Systems:** The limo is fitted with high-end audio and visual equipment, including large flat-screen TVs, premium sound systems, satellite TV, and Wi-Fi connectivity for entertainment and work on the go. - **Beverage Stations:**The luxury Sprinter Limos have custom cabinets with mini-fridges, ice compartments, and glassware for serving drinks. - **Mood Lighting:** LED mood lighting, which can change colors and patterns at the touch of a button, helps to create the right atmosphere for passengers. - **Climate Control:** Independent rear climate controls allow passengers to set temperature and airflow to their liking. - **Privacy Features:** Tinted windows and a partition between the driver and passenger compartments can provide privacy. - **Luxury Finishes:** Custom wood flooring, plush carpeting, and high-end interior paneling. - **Connectivity:** Charging ports and outlets for various devices to keep passengers connected and charged on the go.
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